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Q & A

Frequently asked questions about permanent cosmetics including microblading:

Is permanent makeup a tattoo?


Yes, every time pigment is implanted on the skin regardless of the depth and technique is considered a tattoo.


What is the difference between microblading and machine strokes or nano brows?


These are all form of cosmetic tattooing.

Microblading is done manually with a microblade (a tool that has a group of stainless-steel fine needles fused together) when this tool is dipped into the pigment it creates “micro cuts” into the skin, think as a micro paper cut that creates the look of hairstrokes. I personally do NOT recommend this technique, I I worked with this techique a few years ago and did not like what it was doing to the skin over time, I don't offer this tecniqye anymore and all my work for the last four years has been done with a machine (Nano brows) 


Nano brows, powder and machine hairstrokes are done with a digital rotary device that deposits the pigment differently that microblading, unlike cutting with a microblade,  the machine uses a super fine single nano needle that with reciprocal movements “stippling” deposits the pigment without creating cuts into the skin.  


Microblading is also advertised as semi permanent this is untrue, in fact not only is very permanent but the risk of scarring is high due to the way the microblade deposits the pigment into the skin.

Do you do microblading?


No, I used to do microblading, as a matter of fact I did it on the beginning of my career.

I became a Phi Brow artist after months of training and achieved my master level with Zlata Kicin in Germany.

I had vast experience with microblading and performed this technique on many clients with hundreds of healed results. After seeing that microblading is not a good technique for all skins types over time, I switched to Nano machine work.

Machine work (Nano brows, powder brows) is very versatile and much better for the skin and long lasting.


Can you explain why brows don’t last longer? My aunt got her brows tattooed 10 years ago and they are still there.


Cosmetic tattooing has evolved over time, the new techniques on permanent makeup heal more natural.

The pigment is not deposited as deep as it was back in the day, therefore the color heals more natural. The downside of this is that touch ups every 1.5-2 years are recommended to keep the color form fading too much.


How do you decide the shape and color?


I customize the shape according to your facial features with brows, follow your natural brow hair to have the most natural outcome, my goal is to provide as natural as possible results, almost undetectable.

With eyeliner I recommend a lash line that will look natural, I don't recommend  extreme wings, always my recommendation is that you think of the permanent makeup as an enhancement to your face, same for lip color, I will suggest the colors that will heal natural to your natural face tones.


I do that with the color as well, I can create any color, it is important to understand color theory to make sure the color will heal according to your skin undertones.

I have completed several courses on this subject.



How long does the procedures last?


This is a good and question, since tattooing is done in a living tissue (skin) that regenerates end renews every 28 days, fading will occur over time, SPF lotions are recommended, if you are very active, tan often, have hormonal or skin conditions fading will occur sooner than normal.

The average longevity of the brows and lips is 1.5-2 years, eyeliners will last longer.


Would lip blushing help my lips look thicker, plumper?


Lip blushing (tattoo) will add definition and color to your natural lips, not volume.

Lips should never be tattooed over the border; the lip tissue is very different that the facial tissue and the color will heal differently if tattooing over the border. In some cases, it can be done (surgery, scars, cleft palate cover up)

If you are looking for volume, I do recommend filler in combination with lip tattooing for a compete refreshed and rejuvenated look.


What is lip neutralization?

Dark Lip Neutralization is just another name for a cosmetic tattoo treatment that is utilized for clients who’s natural base undertone, (the natural color on their lips) is cool/dark. Simply adding the desired color on top of those tones would have undesirable results. The cool undertone must first be transformed to a neutral tone prior to enhancing the color to the desired result.

I had my brows done before by someone else and I don't like the results, cam you fix them?

Unfortunately I have seen a lot of cases like this, this is shy is important to choose an experienced artist. 

In some cases a multiple removal/ Lightening sessions will be required to get the color light enough so I can correct or cover previous work. 

If your brows have turned reddish (very common with microblading) I can correct by "shifting" the color to the desired color.

You can email me photos of your brows

Do you do offer removals?

I do offer saline removals, I am work with LIFT a natural saline removal solution that can lighten existing pigment on the skin. 

Multiple sessions are needed to achieve results, i have done several removals with great results on brows. (lightening is not recommended for eyeliner or lips)



How old do I have to be to have any of your services done?


You must be at least 18 years old, in some cases (alopecia, scar coverage or medical tattooing) can be done if you are younger than 18, a consultation is required.


How to choose the right artist?


I recommend that you check the reviews, training and photos (unfortunately photos can be stolen -this happened to me) I also suggest that you check that they are property licensed by the local department of health, insured and have completed BBP training. Check their website and social media for photos of their work.


How long have you been doing this who did you trained with?


I started in 2016. I trained with:

Phi brows

Monica Ivani

Mary Ritcherson

Will Anthony

Teryn Darling

Nataliya Yeremenko

The Beau Institute (fundamentals, camouflage and areola)

Mara Studio

Zlata Kicin

Vicky Martin (Areola)


Have attended and completed multiple conventions. And I am constantly updating my techniques.


Get in touch if you have any questions!

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