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Saline Removal Process

Saline removal for brows
Saline removal after
After Saline lightening treatment

Saline removal is a very good option to remove unwanted color from previously tattooed or microbladed brows. I also offer emergency saline removal for brows that have been microbladed or tattooed within 48 hours. 
Pigment that has been on the skin for a long period of time may need multiple sessions sometimes a combination of laser treatments is useful to remove most of the color.
Raquel Mack has been certified on saline removal and is also a trainer for LIFT (a safe ad natural saline solution) 

Color Corrections

If you've previously had your brows tattooed or microbladed and would like to change or neutralize their color, our color correction service can help. It is important to note that this service is only effective on brows that are at least 70% faded, as the previous color needs to be light enough to work over. Our color correction service is to neutralize or change the color of brows that have been previously tattooed or microbladed.
It is possible to do this on brows that are at least 70% faded; this means that the previous color is light enough to work over. 

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