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Permanent eyeliner is a great way to enhance the eyes. Permanent eyeliner can be done very thin at the lash line, smokey for a more noticeable look, or winged. The styles and colors can vary depending on the look you are looking for. 
A consultation is required to ensure you are a candidate for this procedure.

The following are contraindications:

If you have been using lashes (extensions or strip lashes) for extended periods (years), you are not a candidate; the continued use of lash adhesives penetrates the skin and can cause a change in the eyelid tissue. 

Extensive use of lash serums is also a contraindication for eyeliner; I recommend that you stop using any serums for at least six months; lash serums will make the skin around the lashes very thin, making the skin easier to bruise and bleed.

Eyelid surgery: I recommend at least six months after blepharoplasty, and a doctor's note is required.

I do not perform eyeliner on anyone with punctual plugs -no exceptions.

Glaucoma is a contraindication for any eyeliner procedures.


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